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The Best Sydney Tattoo Removal

We have the expertise to remove any type of professional or amateur tattoo in the best possible way. Our technologically advanced laser machine releases a specific wave-length of light to the tattooed area of the skin. This laser ray breaks down the ink without harming the surrounding skin in any manner. We calibrate the machine depending on the type of ink that has to be removed.  The number of visits required will depend on the type of ink and design used. 

When you will settle for nothing but the best Laser Tattoo Removals Sydney, Enhanced Laser Therapy Skin Therapy Clinic are the ones to call. You can speak with our experts at 1300 025 969 for more information about our treatment. For a free consultation/quote at the best Laser Tattoo Removal Clinic Sydney, fill out the online form on our home page.  You can make a booking request  and we will revert with a confirmation about whether a specific spot is available. 

In ancient times, people used tattoos as marks of identification. Today, it’s more a form of personal expression, about conveying beliefs, your personality or simply decorating the skin. Most people are very enthusiastic about getting themselves inked; in fact, many people take it to a point of obsession where they feel they can’t live without a tattoo. But in many instances, once the novelty of the tattoo has worn off and maybe their likes and dislikes change, they then feel the need to remove that tattoo from their body. 

But these are permanent tattoos and the inks are very fast. This means the tattoos can only be removed using specialised Laser Tattoo Removal Sydney.  You will find that a large number of clinics offer this service, but very few do this in a safe and professional manner. When it comes to removing this ink from your skin, the treatment used has to be effective enough to get rid of the tattoo, without doing any harm to your skin. In this tattoo removal process, special lasers are used to carefully fragment the ink particles in order that they are naturally absorbed into the skin. 

We at the Enhanced Laser Therapy Skin Therapy Clinic are one of the most credible operators in this space. Ours is a medically-owned & run clinic that specialises in tattoo removal. In addition, we are the skin revitalisation specialists as well. We use cutting edge technology to provide our clients the best results. We use the specialised Picosure laser system. This is the very first picosecond aesthetic laser machine in the world; it provides unrivalled results as well as patient satisfaction. 

We are the Laser Tattoo Removal Clinic that goes the extra mile to ensure our clients get the best possible treatment in environs that are quietly elegant and calming. We know that your skin is very important to the way you feel and look and that when you go to a clinic for tattoo removal, you have to be able to trust the clinic completely. We have expert staffs that have the knowledge and the training to ensure your experience is as smooth and safe as possible